ISACA Bangalore Chapter is pleased to share with you about a SecDevOps & Security Automation by we45.

The SecDevOps & Security Automation framework by we45 , is a 2 day hands-on boot camp, designed for the Product Engineering, Information Security and DevOps community within the Software Products and Services industry. The workshop would give the participants an insight into the integration of application security principles seamlessly within the product /infrastructure development and deployment processes – as opposed to ad-hoc, "end-of-the-chain security" assessments as it is usually done.

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You are in the fast lane. Your products are being delivered in lightning fast speeds, going from requirement to deployment at a rapid pace. You may be leveraging DevOps practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery, but the what stops you is a Continual, Consistent and a Seamless Application Security process.

Security flaws come in between you and a smooth DevOps lifecycle. They cause serious problems, in the form of endless fix iterations, irate customers, outages, product overruns and multiple vendor management issues to name a few. In addition, traditional models of application security such as an end-of-the-chain activity like a one time Penetration Test often results in a huge strain on the operating resources and an increase in the mean time to deployment.

What if there was a way to integrate Security into your DevOps process? What if DevOps becameSecDevOps?


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