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CGEIT Job Practice Areas

A job practice serves as the basis for the exam and the requirements to earn the CGEIT. This job practice consists of task and knowledge statements, organized by domains that are tested in the CGEIT exam. The CGEIT job practice areas as revised in 2013 are listed below

CGEIT Certification Job Practice

(For exam passers 2013 and later)These statements and domains were the result of extensive research and feedback from IT governance subject matter experts from around the world. Numerous reference sources were also utilized including COBIT 5.

These statements are intended to depict the tasks performed by individuals who have a significant management, advisory, or assurance role relating to the governance of IT and the knowledge required to perform these tasks. They are also intended to serve as a definition of the roles and responsibilities of the professionals performing IT governance work.

For purposes of these statements, the terms "enterprise" and "organization" or "organizational" are considered synonymous.

The job practice domains and task and knowledge statements are as follows:

The job practice domains and task and knowledge statements are as follows:

Domain 1: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (25%)

Domain 2: Strategic Management (20%)

Domain 3: Benefits Realization (16%)

Domain 4: Risk Optimization (24%)

Domain 5: Resource Optimization (15%)

For detailed information on the job practice areas click here here

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